Offshore Development Center


Business Services and Technologies offshore development center  is a group of talented developers and programmers who have been assembled in a team to work on projects for a distant client.  The team works on projects only for that particular client during the defined period. The client may specify the equipment and other components of infrastructure that should be made available to the team, and in that way ensure that the  Business Services and Technologies  meets the same standards as their onshore counterparts, up to and including co-branding. The more the internal IT group and the  Business Services and Technologies can interact with each other, the better. They follow your requirements and methodology and act as a part of your in-house staff.
We are flexible, open and could easily adapt to client’s work processes.

Key benefits:
  • Long-term commitment and access to skills and resources
  • Lower employee turnover
  • The team members collaborate and share knowledge and experience
  • Near-shore location with 2h time zone difference, i.e. UK, Germany and Norway
Effective when:
  • Expecting a series of similar projects in future
  • Develop additional versions of your product
  • Want to have full control of the project
  • You entrust your projects to reliable resources, embedded in your processes