SAP Success Factors Human Capital Management

SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management is a cloud-based solution, which supports the whole HR process. The solution is easy to implement and grows with the company, so you start anywhere, go everywhere. With the help of the accurate and timely information received from the system of your human capital, you can increase the flexibility of your business, reduce the time and cost for reaction.

SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management is much more than a statistical program – this is a system for detecting, managing and developing the capabilities of your employees that assists you in the selection and retention of the best staff and increases results in the organization.

How can SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management help your business grow?

  • Single database with information about the available human resources;
  • Data about the performance, evaluations from the managers;
  • Facilitates the selection, motivation and retention of quality human resources;
  • Allows planning vacations, trainings and other events without losing capabilities and capacities;
  • Reports are generated in seconds in a convenient format;
  • Access to all of this anywhere, anytime, resulting in:
– More flexible human capital management – possibilities for assessment, planning and reallocation of resources according to the priorities of the company;
– Reduced administrative costs and costs for the acquisition of software and hardware;
– The end result is increased abilities of the organization and greater strategic flexibility at a lower cost.

SuccessFactors is used by 3600 companies with more than 12 million users in approximately  180 countries, and is ranked as the most accessible Software-as-a-Service in the world  in the field of human resources.

SuccessFactors architecture allows the system to be used even during dynamic times of change of the organization size, without losing its capabilities, orturn into administrative burden. Since SuccessFactors is a SaaS solution, you will receive free updates 4 times a year, without having to make any changes or interruptions in the organizational HR processes.

SuccessFactors HCM Suite includes

Employee Central/Core HR

Deliver real business impact with a next generation core HR system that puts the ‘self’ back in ‘self-service’. Strategically-minded HR and IT teams have realized that user-friendly core HR solution is the key to accurate employee data. Capturing employee, organizational and talent data all in one solution delivers better results, faster.


Transform recruiting into a continuous, strategic part of your talent strategy with the only end-to-end recruiting solution that helps you attract, engage and select better candidates and then measure the results.


By guiding hiring managers, empowering new hires and connecting onboarding to other key talent management activities, SuccessFactors makes onboard­ing a strategic process that improves job satisfaction, time to productivity and first year retention.

Performance and Goals

Communicate strategy, create meaningful individual goals across the organization and focus employees on what matters, while enabling executives to monitor goal progress in real time. Then reward, measure and tie employee performance to business results, streamline the performance appraisal process and enable meaningful feedback.


Pay your people based on achievement, establish a pay-for-performance culture – retain top talent and increase productivity across the organisation. Calibration drives better compensation decisions and objective ratings.

Succession & Development

Anticipate and plan for staffing changes and assure the readiness of employee talent at all levels. Align learning activities with compe­tency gaps to arm your workforce for current and future needs. Improve motivation with continuous develop­ment and career planning.


Develop a comprehensive learning strategy with a complete learning management solution (LMS) that enables you to manage, develop and deploy instructor-led, formal and social online training. Our Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution eliminates your need to manage the infrastructure, bandwidth and delivery, management, security and updates for all of your e-learning programs.

Workforce Planning

Leverage in-depth workforce information and benchmarks to assess readiness to execute strategies, forecast the impact of business decisions, mitigate risk and take action.

Workforce Analytics

Deliver actionable, quantitative insights to your business leaders with a powerful combination of talent and business data that produces information. Creates a catalyst for positive change in the business.


Improve employee productivity and teamwork by combining collaboration, communication and content-creation tools with a private social network for your organisation. Jam’s remarkably simple video and screen capture lets everyone share his or her expertise – even right from a mobile device.