SAP BusinessObjects isa suite of software tools for business analysis. Data come form ERP, CRM, SCM orother type of information system, and after being processed, arevisualized in real time. SAP BusinessObjects offers a wide range of tools for layout and formatting of the results with which managers can get the information they need in an accessible form and make the best decisions.

SAP BusinessObjects is accepted in most Fortune 500 companies as a standard andhas more than 24 000 corporate customers in above 80 countries.


  • Access to all data sources – single view at your entire business
  • Multiple options for reports generation
  • Abilities for creating reports according to your own standard
  • Detection and tracking of dependencies and trends
  • Modelling of various scenarios
  • Key indicators tracking
  • Architecture, allowing upgrade – BusinessObjects is appropriate for small, medium, orlarge enterprises
  • Uses data from ERP, CRM, SCM orindustry-specific information systems
  • Allows connection with SharePoint, Java, Microsoft Office, etc
  • High level of security, ability for various access levels
  • Quick implementation

 What are the benefits of SAP BusinessObjects?

  • Reduced response time – you get results in real time
  • Reports, forecasts and consolidation into a single instrument
  • Single standard of results within the company
  • Each user has access only to the data the necessary data
  • High level of automation and less errors

All this gives you access to the necessary information faster and helps you make the right decisions for your business. Increased competitiveness and lower operating costs will help you return your investment in a short period of time.

What does SAP BusinessObjects contain?

A list of tools that are part of the standard package.

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is a quick and convenient way to extract the necessary information from the gathered data irrespective of their size. It allows direct access to information from several different sources, and presents it to you in a convenient way.

Select and set your preferred visualization to discover trends and make the best decisions for your business in the dynamic environment.

SAP Lumira can connect to SAP HANA, to get access to large volumes of data in real time.

SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence is an instrument for creating WEB based reports with modelling and analysis capabilities especially useful for Ad Hoc reporting

Its key features are visualization of data applying the web standards, creation of analytical reports, higher filtering, drill-down and navigational capabilities, access to in-built and custom functions for data formatting, easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

SAP Business Objects Dashboards

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards is a medium for creation and visualizing interactive reports based on Flash.It allows easy integration of tabular, graphical and geographical data, it is suitable for corporate dashboards reporting combining different KPIs and scenarios. It has connection with multitude of data sources  – SAP BW,OLAP, RDBMSs, files, etc.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

The solution creates multi-dimensional panels with visualization for BI applications of SAP- NetWeaver BW or SAP HANA. With its help company managers receive timely and accurate information to make the right decisions.

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports is an application for building standardized reports and pixel-perfect formatted reports. Its key features are the creation of reports suitable for printing,static data visualization, predefined report packages in Finance, Sales, Materials, etc. Reports can be accessed offline or online, through applications, portals and mobile devices.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office

This application allows users to work with information from different sources directly in Microsoft Office – in real time. You can process data in Excel, as well as quickly create presentationsin PowerPoint, using the data loaded through the application. The application can connect to SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA.

SAP BusinessObjects BI platform

It is a powerful analytical instrument, through which you can share information through Web solutions with other users or to other platforms. It allows work withdifferent volumes of data, coming from data bases, other SAP solutions orexternal systems. It increases employee productivity and reduces administrative costs, and provides results in real time.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

SAP BO Explorer is an instrument for presenting data from different data sources with a particular need for a data warehouse model. You can create on-demand reports without the need of a particular data model, search in pre-indexed data sets without the need of preliminary created reports or metrics, do fast data search with the option of SAP BW Accelerator and SAP HANA integration, and you will be able to explore all data source types available within the company

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

SAP Business Objects Mobile is an application for data visualization via mobile devices – mobile phones and tablets (iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices).

Through this instrument you can personalize reports, receive notifications when critical KPI thresholds are reached, search in all data sources via Explorer, do drill-down in reports.