SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Customer is a combined software solutionfor sales managementandcommunication with customers. It includes:

  • SAP Cloud for Sales;
  • SAP Cloud for Services;
  • SAP Cloud for Social Engagement.

It has the following features:

  • Possibility for importing of data from Excel files;
  • In-built integrations witha wide range of SAP and non-SAP applications (including SAP HANA, ERP and CRM software, statistical packages, social media, e-mail);
  • API for connection to other programs;
  • Ability to exchange information in a group of companies.

The entire system is hosted in the cloud and is available on mobile devices. SAP Cloud for Customers creates a complete history of the communication with your customers and their orders. Through these profiles you can not only track, but also anticipate customers’needs of the respective products and services, and increase sales volume and profits while keeping the same cost.

What does that mean to your business:

  • You and your sales and marketing teams have access to the necessary information related to your customers anywhere and anytime;
  • This access allows every employee to respond to requests, and as a result ensure improved quality of service and increased sales;
  • High level of security – all data are stored in certified data centers and accessed via encrypted connection;
  • Reduced costs for purchasing, integration and software maintenance (3 combined in 1);
  • You use the already collected customer information directly in the new instruments;
  • You have no additional costs for information security, hardware andthe staff that maintains it;
  • Quick financial results at minimum initial investment.

More about SAP Cloud for Customer

Store and manage all the information of each customer in one place and make it available to employees to:

– Analyze and take advantage of emerging opportunities;

– Accelerate the sales cycle, form the moment of creating a quotation to the moment of registering the order, including via the social networks;

– Store and analyze feedback from customers and partners across all channels, and target it to the right teams;

– Evaluate your employees’ productivity and efficiency in sales and customer service.

Components of the system

  • SAP Cloud for Sales

Stores information about the relationship with the customer – communication, previous and current orders, calendar with realized and planned meetings, contact information, etc. It allows centralized updating of client profiles and storage of offers and their history, creating user levels of access, etc. It provides your sales team with the information they need for closing business deals anywhere in the world, and you – with information about their activities and results.

  • SAP Cloud for Service

It creates a complete history of customers’ communication with the servicing employees through all channels – phone, email, chat and Web – by combining all customer inquiries (including records of telephone conversations) into a single stream of information.

It allows integration of data about orders and payments from already working ERP solutions, it allows usage of common ticketing system, to create knowledge base, accessible by your customers and employees. Apart from improving the provided services, SAP Cloud for Service collects and stores information about the employees’ productivity, as well as the response times to customer inquiries.

  • SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Monitor the public reaction to your brand on the social networks! With the help of SAP Cloud for Social Engagement, you are able to pick the most important posts and trends, respond to public interest asap, using the available information of customer profiles in the system, and evaluate the effect on the public opinion. Save time and effort and use the power of social networking to your advantage!