SAP Hybris B2C Commerce is a solution for building and managing a single system for the retail industry, which incorporates:

  • Online stores which maintain multiple languages and currencies, accessible via mobile devices;
  • Your network of physical outlets;
  • Management and distribution of marketing content, including printed materials;
  • Centers of customer service.

The system supports an unlimited number of users, products and orders. It can be connected with the ERP system to maintain the current stock information, information regarding customers and orders. There are in-built functionalities for links to profiles on the social network.

What makes the Hybris B2C Commerce platformattract retail customers

  • Modern design;
  • Providing updated information on products;
  • In-built search engine with relevant results;
  • Functionality of ratings and reviews;
  • Personalized content anddiscount vouchers;
  • Choice of delivery options and more.

How does SAP Hybris B2C Commerce contribute to your business growth?

  • Option for minimum startup time through Accelerator: ready system with fundamental functionalities for retail with the idea of further fine-tuning in time;
  • It facilitates the access to new markets thanks to the maintenance of multiple languages and currencies;
  • It reduces costs and time for launching new products across all sales channels through information management in a single system;
  • It allows creating new stores for each brand;
  • It synchronizes stock across all sales channels;
  • It simplifies the process and reduces costs for order entry, administration and execution, allowing their redirection to local warehouses and usage of local suppliers;
  • It maintains the option of receiving an online order in a physical store and returning goods;
  • It unifies all customer information in a single database, thus facilitating excellent service;
  • It helps the increase of the volume of orders through marketing on social networks and customizing the displayed products, advertising and promotions, according to consumer behavior, profile data and previous orders;
  • In-built functions for SEO;
  • Flexible architecture allowing easy upgrade and adding of new functionalities;
  • Ability for hosting in virtual and cloud environments.