On September 28, 2018, the Government published an amendment to regulation H18 about Registration and Reporting of Sales by Fiscal Devices.
There are 5 groups of providers and activities that are affected by this regulation:
– Changes related to the sale / refueling of liquid fuel;
– Changes related to the reversal order;
– Meeting the requirements for point-of-sale sales management software;
– Changes in online sales of goods / services
– Changes regarding the maintenance and maintenance of fiscal devices ….. Requirements

SAP Partners are responsible for providing SAP solutions that meet the new regulatory requirements.

BST offers two certified solutions that are fully H 18 compliant


This is an SAP Module that connects the Sales module in the customer’s SAP system to the fiscal devices
The system print a fiscal document directly from SAP

Implementation time: 1 month

BST POS system

Developed by BST in accordance with the latest UI5 technologies, the Fiori POS System works on all computers online and offline



Personalized POS system for companies looking for:

  • An integrated solution for managing the real-time sales process
  • Management of trade and logistics processes in small, medium and large wholesale and retail companies
  • A secure solution that allows you to work online and offline
  • Fast and quality customer service
  • Easy integration with other solutions (third party software)
  • Regulatory Compliance and Registration for New Legal Changes (H-18)


  • Information for business partners (customers & suppliers)
  • Product information
  • Availability / Supply
  • Sales / Promotions / Returns
  • Information and business analysis
  • Multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency



Invoice and fiscal cupon

cash payment


Cash payment

Reports and notification

Sales reports

Generate sales reports and manage your in-store and online sales in real time.

Stock reports

Cash and Commodity Flow Tracking – Stock Tracking and Planned Delivery.


You get automatic stock level alerts, minimum quantities, need for orders, and more.

Customer-specific changes

  • Reports and business analysis with the ability to implement any business logic
  • Ability to create custom user-defined reoports and automations.
  • Interfaces with other systems.
  • Clear graphical visualization and export capability.
  • Specific client changes (forms of printing and behavior of the software).