SAP Business One

You need more than just accounting tools? Manage every aspect of your small or medium business with SAP Business One

Achieve greater control over your small or medium enterprise with SAP Business One – software for business management, designed to support your growth. More than 47,000 companies in 150 countries rely on this unique software solution. SAP Business One improves all business processes – from financial accounting and CRM to supply management and procurement. Get all the information about your business in a centralized system. Get answers to the most demanding questions about the business from an integrated business solution.  Give your employees remote access to the software based on an intuitive mobile application. This solution can be your advantage over your competitors. BG Business Solutions offers it to all its customers as the key to improving the business of each company.

Functionalities of SAP Business One:

  • Managing Financials and Accounting – Optimization and automation of financial management with business software that integrates accounting, sales, and purchasing data. Get ready to improve margins, reduce mistakes and start making more profitable decisions.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Converting more leads, increasing customer satisfaction and maximizing revenues. Our integrated CRM tools support all your sales, service and marketing activities – from campaign management to performance tracking and after-sales support.
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management – Manage inventory across multiple warehouses in real time and support cost-effective production. Our small business software can help you track and record stock movements, optimize inventory, improve delivery time and even forget about the fact you have ever faced the situation of “shortage of goods”. The solution in a nutshell – your warehouse management must have SAP Business One.
  • Purchasing and Delivery – Find new ways of saving by optimizing the entire purchasing process – from planning and creating a purchase order to the selection of suppliers, billing and payments. Management of purchase orders is done with SAP Business One.
  • Reporting and Analysis – Help your employees get answers to troubling questions in real time – with easy access to an intuitive business solution for analysis and reporting.