Business Services & Technologies (BST) is an innovative  company operating across EMEA  region.

BST has been supporting its customers to transform their businesses into exceptionally efficient, high performing companies. In every transition project, strict adherence to budget and timing are of prime importance.

We do so by developing and implementing industry focused solutions that fully address customer’s needs and business processes in various markets. Our industry-focused solutions for among others retail, wholesale, consumer products, manufacturing, utility, media, pharma, telecommunications, logistic and distribution,  and  services are being developed in close cooperation with our customers. We complement our industry-specific composed solutions with a comprehensive range of services, varying from business consultancy to cloud services and software development, mobility and in-memory computing.

 Our mission is:

To maintain a high level of integrity, objectivity and professional standards;

To respond promptly and effectively to new challenges and technological developments;

To add value for our customers by helping them achieve their desired level of business performance and productivity which will allow them to succeed on the global market;

To maintain a high level of performance and professional knowledge;

To become the preferred provider of IT services to Bulgarian and international market, ensuring:

– fast delivery of new products and services;

– transparent and efficient pricing model;

– flexibility that allows easy access to system resources and infrastructure;

– easy to understand IT and Business Services;

Our Core Values are the defining principles by which we operate individually, and as a company:

Professionalism – our team are intelligent, creative and highly qualified specialists.

Dedication – we love the work we do. Your success is our success.

Work Ethics and Integrity – we strive for the highest ethical standards with team members and customers.
We are open and honest with them – we deliver what we promise.

Cooperative Team Environment – we encourage personal development and team collaboration and motivate our employees to reach their full potential. That is when we all win – company, employees and customers. Once engaged as a true business partner, BST will deliver the very best practices, service and flexibility.

Long-Term Relationships with our Clients – we believe that every project is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. By constantly delivering our professional services, reliability and efficiency and adhering to our core values, we establish long-term relationships with our clients. Trust between us is built over the time and as a result of the responsible approach we apply.